I will call this “Seasonal stew”

So we’ve been using food from the Fresh Fork Market here and there.  But last night, we had a BIG CSA dinner.  It consisted of  all CSA products.    I was so proud!  Of course, we still have produce left in the fridge so I think we will have to have more dinners like this.

First, I heated some oil and sauteed 2 diced garlic scapes that we had left over.  Then,  I took 1 1/2 cups of stock we had made from when we roasted our chicken and poured it into the pan.  Then, I cut the chicken bratwurst and cooked it in the stock.  After the chicken was done cooking, I added chopped spinach, yellow squash, and a chopped tomato.

The vegetables really cooked down and added more flavor.  So easy, nutritious, and versatile.  You could do this with any vegetables or meat you have on hand.  Although, the tomato was my favorite with this because I think it made it a bit more saucy.

We put this “seasonal stew” over some of the polenta I had frozen.


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