Fresh Fork week #6

I look forward to buying black raspberries at the farmers market all year, so I was delighted to receive some in our bag this week.  They are less tart and more sweet than red raspberries.  Their growing season is short, and I never see them in the grocery store so I feel like they are something special.   I love to eat them with vanilla yogurt or ice cream.

1 bulb onion, candy variety

1 head German white porcelain garlic

1 lb green beans

Approx 2 lbs sweet cherries

1 pint black raspberries

Approx 1.5 lbs slicing tomatoes

2 lb garlic chive linguini (Ohio City pasta)

1 cucumber

When I went to pick up our bag, I was told the truck was shorted on zucchini and squash so I was able to pick something else to take.  That is how I ended up with 2 lbs pasta instead of one!  That fresh pasta makes for easy meals so that was a score for me!


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