Immersion blender love

I got a new kitchen tool this week that has made changed my life.

Although I enjoy smoothies in many ways, I didn’t make them often because of the inconvenience of the clean-up.  This thing is so easy I made a smoothie 3 days in a row.  And pureed soups are some of my favorites so I know I will be making those more now that I don’t have to pour hot liquid into the blender, blend, remove, and repeat until it is all smooth.

I’ve already made a tomato soup with smoked paprika.  The little bit I tasted was good, but I froze all of it so we can have a taste of summer during the winter.  In case you are interested in the recipe, I found it here.  We had a plethora of tomatoes building up so that was a great way to use them up before they went bad.  Right now, the only tomatoes we have are from our CSA.  Because of the heat and humidity we had for awhile this summer, they stopped growing.  But now there are more than 50 green tomatoes on our ONE tomato plant.  I can’t believe what a monster this tomato plant is.


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