Almond butter better

I don’t remember why, but at some point in the past few months, I bought a bag of roasted, unsalted almonds from Trader Joe’s.  I used some of them for whatever and that was it.  So fast forward to today – I needed almond butter from the store and forgot to buy it.  Well, I looked at my pantry and saw this bag and I decided to make the little bit of almond butter that I needed.   And then I saw how quick and easy it was and I just made enough to fill a plastic container with.  Amazing!

THEN I saw a container of cocoa roasted almonds and made that into almond butter along with a little sugar.    And then I made a  smoothie using said cocoa roasted almond butter, a pear, banana, plain yogurt, and spinach in it and it was sooo yummy I had to share.  Really you cannot taste the spinach at all.  I think as long as you put a banana into your smoothie mix, the texture and taste turn out great.


Almond butter



Mix in food processor about a cup of almonds at a time to ensure you don’t burn your machine out.  After it starts looking pureed a bit around the edges, mix it around with a spoon or spatula.  Add more almonds.  Keep pureeing until it looks like the almonds are sticking together.   Mine began to form a ball and it was easy to get out of the processor.  You can make it as crunchy or smooth as you like.

I was just so excited about this discovery, I had to share!


Fruit fly extermination

Anybody have fruit flies they want to get rid of?  I did.  Put a small bowl out with a half inch of apple cider vinegar in it near where you see the flies.  Add a small drop of dish soap and watch the flies…drop.   Not bug friendly but very effective.

Tomato slicing how-to

Perhaps this is common knowledge.  But it wasn’t common enough for me until recently.  In the past when I have sliced tomatoes, I get a juicy slimy mess all over the cutting board.  Then I read this tidbit somewhere and it works!

Using a serrated knife, you core the top of the tomato by cutting diagonally making a V.

Then turn the tomato over and slice down from the bottom of the tomato to where the stem was attached.

No muss, no fuss.  Just a sliced tomato.