Easy butter masala

This is more of an easy dinner idea than a recipe.  My husband bought a couple bottles of this home.
So we made a meal out of it by cutting about a pound of chicken up into chunks and cooking them on the stovetop with some olive oil.  After that was cooked through, we added the jar of sauce, about a cup and a half of chopped cauliflower, and as much spinach as would fit in the pan with the lid on.  The spinach cooks down considerably so even if you add 3-4 cups of it, it becomes almost nothing after cooking.  After simmering for about 15 minutes, we ate this over rice.  It’s tasty.  This particular flavor has a touch of spice.  There are other flavors to choose from, as you can see on the Maya Kaimal website.  So if you like Indian food, give it a try!

We used almost the whole box of spinach.