Hamburgers with a little something mixed in

I have been hesitating on posting this recipe because, well, I don’t want to lose anybody who reads my blog.  But honestly, this is worth trying.

The grassfed beef we get from the Fresh Fork Market is sometimes from this farm.  So I was surfing their website and saw a link to recipes and naturally checked them out.   I’m always looking for ways to hide something healthy in food that we eat.  I mentioned this to my husband who is not always on board with my healthier versions of things, and he agreed to try it!

According to this farm, “The benefits of lean beef plus low fat, low sodium blueberries help lower your cholesterol and your risk of cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants protect the blood vessel walls by making them more resistant to damage from oxidation”.

Blueberry Burgers

1lb. Green Vista Farm Grassfed Hamburger
3 Tablespoons fresh or frozen blueberries (blended)
Mix well and grill as usual for moist, mouthwatering burgers.

I’m pretty sure this picture would appear more appetizing if I had the whole bun, lettuce, and tomato set up.  But I didn’t so just imagine it that way.

I neither kid nor exaggerate when I say these were awesome burgers.  No blueberry flavor, but very moist and juicy.  I ate mine plain, but I’m weird like that.

If you are interested in trying this with grassfed beef, farmers markets usually have a meat vendor who sells such beef.